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Thursday, September 28, 2006

al-Qaeda in Iraq: 4,000 insurgents dead

Those DAMN insurgents and terrorists just won't cooperate with the "cut and run" party will they? They just HAD to announce how many were killed. That isn't going help, come November!!!!!!
Ok, so that was facetious.

Story is from a newly released, 20 minute, audio tape from the "New Leader" of al-Qaeda in Iraq, saying that that 4,000 insurgents have been killed so far in Iraq. He also said that they needed experts in "chemistry, physics, electronics, media and all other sciences,— especially nuclear scientists and explosives experts". His quote, and I have not heard the audio tape, or translation of it as of yet, claims they are in "dire need" if these people. Also, he makes an appeal to:
"I appeal to every holy warrior in the land of Iraq to exert all efforts in this holy month so that God may enable us to capture some of the Western dogs to swap them with our sheik and get him out of his dark prison," said al-Masri, who is also Egyptian.
Full developing story here. I will link to the translated audio tape as soon as I find it.

[UPDATE] A Hoax? From Rantings of a SandMonkey (NOT my name for him, he named himself!)
I found this link through Freedom's Zone

I guess we are doing more damage than we thought huh? Although, not everyone will be willing to admit it. Oh well.