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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bin Laden

(Zarqawi Dead)

These days I find myself very amused at the oddest things. Most of what I have written about amuses me in one form or fashion and this Bin Laden thing really made me laugh. I will tell you why.

1st. Got an old, miserable man, hiding in cave like the coward he is, incapable of truly doing anything other than being a figurehead for the terrorists.

2nd. We catch quite a few of the terrorists that actually had a hand IN the 9/11 attacks and all the political "gamers" can do is piss and moan a little louder that we haven't caught Bin Laden yet. He is forced to hide in places where he would be hard pressed to ever get ANY medical attention if he needs it....why? Because WE made him hide, we drove him into the caves. Does anyone bother to give our soldiers, or our government any credit whatsoever?
Nope we do not, it would actually hurt our "political" ideals if we noticed anything good, if we stood up for the things that have been done right. We would be lowering ourselves somehow if we dragged our asses out of denial for two seconds to say to our soldiers and our president, GOOD JOB!

3rd. One of the most amusing things is seeing the comments about torture. As if somehow the stuff our government is doing (which is no worse than some college frat houses do) to interrogate these suspects, to get information that has already saved thousands and thousands more lives, could be qualified as "torture". Those comments really give me a laugh. They can cut off our heads, blow up our buildings etc.... but we cannot make them a little cold, grab them, play loud music, etc.... do any of you even see how damn silly and ignorant you sound in some of your posts? I do....and I thank you for such a good laugh!

Wake up people!!!! Start saying thank you to our soldiers and our president instead of acting like 2 year old children who haven't gotten their way. Grow up.