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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

U.S. Eases Carry-On Liquid Ban

Some Drinks, Small Toiletries Allowed

Passengers on commercial airplanes will be allowed to travel with small amounts of liquids and gels in their carry-on luggage starting this morning -- the first major revision of a ban enacted last month in reaction to an alleged transatlantic bomb plot.

Drinks purchased inside secure areas also will be permitted on board.

Full Story at Washington Post

I point this story out because it brings a serious question up.... Is bringing drinks and liquids on our planes more important than security?

Airline and passenger groups had been privately pushing authorities to alter the bans, which were implemented after British authorities said they discovered a plot to bring down transatlantic flights with liquid explosives.

Why does it seem that the airline passengers and airlines care more about bringing a bottle of water on the plane, than making sure that plane doesn't get blown out of the air? What is wrong with this picture?
As a seasoned traveler, I could care less about what I am allowed to bring onto a plane. I would rather know that I am safe.

Have we become so shallow that we care more about a little inconvenience than we do about our lives?

Have we also forgotten that there are other worries in the world? There are stories and issues that far surpass this?

For example we have the Detainee Measure Bill ,We also have the Iraq/Terrorism report that will be declassified. We also have the Director of National Intelliegence statement, clarifying the misrepresentations of the New York Times article that of course the Democrats jumped on, not realizing how much egg is going to be on their face when the actual report is declassified.
We also have the fact that consumer confidence is higher than anyone expected right now.

There is so much going on right now, so much news coming out by the minute and yet we are stuck on the liquid restrictions on airplanes.

We need to get our priorities straight. We need to wake up.