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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bush Makes Public Parts of Report on Terrorism

Yesterday, Sept. 26, 2006, I posted the key judgements from the NIE as soon as they were released.

I would like to comment on Ted Kennedy, Democratic lawmakers and the political games they are playing with our lives. To suggest that the "entire report" be declassified, in an political attempt to cast shadows on the parts that have been released, bring up a couple issues.

One: The report would not have been classified to begin with if everything in the report could be released.

Second: Most important in my mind is that, suggesting that the entire report be released, knowing that doing so would put our sources, our ability to collect sensitive intelligence, and our country at risk, shows a distinctive distain of the worth of American lives in relation to the importance of political gain.

It also shows that Ted Kennedy and the democratic lawmakers, are proving once again that they cannot be trusted with the security of our country. It is said that they are weak on terror, because they are!

If democratic reform efforts in Muslim majority nations progress over the next five years, political participation probably would drive a wedge between intransigent extremists and groups willing to use the political process to achieve their local objectives. Nonetheless, attendant reforms and potentially destabilizing transitions will create new opportunities for jihadists to exploit. Al-Qa’ida, now merged with Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi’s network, is exploiting the situation in Iraq to attract new recruits and donors and to maintain its leadership role.

• The loss of key leaders, particularly Usama Bin Ladin, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and al-Zarqawi, in rapid succession, probably would cause the group to fracture into smaller groups. Although like-minded individuals would endeavor to carry on the mission, the loss of these key leaders would exacerbate strains and disagreements. We assess that the resulting splinter groups would, at least for a time, pose a less serious threat to US interests than does al-Qa.ida.

• Should al-Zarqawi continue to evade capture and scale back attacks against Muslims, we assess he could broaden his popular appeal and present a global threat.

• The increased role of Iraqis in managing the operations of al-Qa.ida in Iraq might lead veteran foreign jihadists to focus their efforts on external operations.

al-Zarqawi, is gone. So, one down, two to go.)

• CBRN capabilities will continue to be sought by jihadist groups. While Iran, and to a lesser extent Syria, remain the most active state sponsors of terrorism, many other states will be unable to prevent territory or resources from being exploited by terrorists.

(We REALLY need to deal with the Iran situation.)

Now, I will admit, this report makes points on both sides of the issue, but the underlying conclusions make it very clear that we are substantially safer if we win in Iraq than if we didn't. If we triumph and help Iraq establish themselves as a Democracy, the middle east will be one step closer to stabilization, and we will have a lesser risk of a major attack in America.

• Greater pluralism and more responsive political systems in Muslim majority nations would alleviate some of the grievances jihadists exploit. Over time, such progress, together with sustained, multifaceted programs targeting the vulnerabilities of the jihadist movement and continued pressure on al-Qa’ida, could erode support for the jihadists.

In regards to the leak in the NYT, amazing that this little tidbit of information didn't make the front page.

Irish Pennants had a well thought out and written article, well worth the read.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Now, you know what's interesting about the NIE -- it was a intelligence report done last April. As I understand, the conclusions -- the evidence on the conclusions reached was stopped being gathered on February -- at the end of February. And here we are, coming down the stretch in an election campaign, and it's on the front page of your newspapers. Isn't that interesting? Somebody has taken it upon themselves to leak classified information for political purposes.

This concerns me more than words can say, because it is true. 100% true. We have politicians that are in the end run to the November elections, and in this desperate attempt for political gain, they are willing to endanger American lives. Are they helping themselves with this desperation? The latest polls are showing the Republicans gaining. What seemed to be a slam dunk for the Democrats a month ago, is now starting to look like a horse race. I am continuously astounded at how often they shoot themselves in the foot and then wonder why they keep losing.

Maybe they need to take some lessons from the terrorists on how to "adapt". If the terrorists could vote, they would surely vote Democrat to assure a "win" for terrorism.

I would like to add one final thought here..... emboldening terroists: An argument could be made that, the war on terror aside, our compliance with the jihadists and extremists agenda to stifle freedom of speech isn't exactly helping here.
Example: The Pope apologizing for his quote about Muhammed.
Example: The rioting and deaths caused by a cartoon of Muhammed.

God forbid we offend an extremist