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Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Democrats: The terrorists new best friend"--Cut and Run

Tampa Pirate writes on this issue.

Reading my blog, one would think I am a die hard right wing Republican. Please bear in mind that I have voted as a Democrat until I was 36 years old. (I even stayed loyal with the Clinton disaster). I woke up on September 11, 2001 to a phone call, a friend telling me to turn my television on and "something" had happened to the Towers.

I turned on my television just in time to see the second plane hit the Towers. The rest, as they say, is history.
Even then, I was proud of my party's willingness to join to together in a bipartisan fashion, backing the President (who I did not vote for) in his vow to go on the offensive.

I was glad Bush didn't just mouth the words, but followed up on his promise to go after the terrorists, and to persue any country that sponsored terror. I started to see that he was the right man to have in office at a time like that.

Then came Iraq, not a part of 9/11, but definitely a part of the war on terror, in my eyes, and I show my reasons in a previous post "Iraq Chemical Weapon Program", back by the facts, not opinion.

Thats where my party first started disappointing me, they were willing to "say" that they were against terror, but they started whining about the realities of actually doing something about it. For them, going after Bin Laden was enough.

Now, back to the present, I am an EX-Democrat that will be voting this year, for Republicans, because I believe that they are our best chance for winning the war on terror. I firmly believe that the terrorists best chance of winning this war, is the Democrats.

Look at what they have done. They have tried to block every move the President has made to secure the safety of our country, they have tried to block every measure he has needed to get the information from the catured terrorists, they have shown publically to all that can see (especially the terrorists) that they are willing to divide the country for political gains at election time, etc..... this post would never end if I list all of it, but I think you get my point.

The Democrats run around screaming "we need a change", but they do not give the methods they would use if they were in charge. The individual ways that they would handle this war differently, other than saying they want a timeline to leave Iraq. This is a war the likes of which we have never fought and we have never seen. We are not fighting a country or a leader, we are fighting "terrorists". We need people with the will to WIN.

So quit whining to me about terrorists and their "rights", they have none. Quit whining about geneva conventions, these are NOT soldiers fighting for their country, so geneva conventions do not apply. Just quit whining.

Iraqi President Shares Views on Terrorism Threat, Security

JALAL TALABANI: Personally, I do not want to interfere in the debate among Americans. I don't want to interfere with the internal affairs of the United States of America.

But I think leaving Iraq without final success will be catastrophe for American prestige, and influence in Middle East, and for Iraqi people, and for democracy and peace in Middle East, will help terrorism to grow and even to control some places in the area.

Full interview here.

Bottomline: Democrats-- Stop whining and help for a change. Maybe your voters will start voting for you again. I doubt I will, because I see the nature of what you have become. "Democrats: The terrorists new best friend".

"Five years after 9-11, Democrats offer nothing but criticism, and obstruction and endless second guessing," Bush said. He said the Democratic Party — the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman — has become the "party of cut-and-run." (President Bush)