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Friday, September 22, 2006

Wake Up America

It is time for people to wake up. Polls show what the pollsters wish them to show "at that moment".
Fact is we had terrorists, not just knock on our door on 9/11, but crashed through our door and killed our family.
George Bush woke up, the rest of us simply turned over and went back to sleep.
Wake up!
Put it in smaller terms, if someone broke into YOUR house and killed YOUR family, would you demand law enforcement hunt them down or find em and "talk" to them? Would you expect those that aided them, hid them, fed them, clothed them and funded them to face justice also? Or would you "ask" them to stop helping?
America is OUR house, each state is a room in that house..... The terrorists broke into our house and killed 3,000 people...
George Bush woke up and did what I would hope any one of us would do... we started hunting, we gave them a choice, with us or against us in a war on terror.
When are the rest of us going to wake up?
I might not agree with every single decision made, but I back them because "I" am not the one that had to make that decision, Bush was.
For the record, I was a democrat and have been all my life, I did not vote for George Bush, but if given the option today... I would vote for him in a heartbeat.
He stuck by his guns, despite the "polls", he stayed consistent despite the "polls", he showed backbone and spine, despite the "polls".
Wake up America and either stand behind one of the few people that is trying to keep us as safe as we can be, or shut up, sit down and stay the hell out of his way. Let him do the job that others are incapable or unwilling to do.
Wake up, this is not a dream or nightmare, this IS a war and we did not start it, but we damn well better be the ones standing at the end of it.
Wake up!