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Friday, September 29, 2006

Don Surber: NYT lies won't save the Democrats

I am linking to Don Surber's Post because he makes some very good points. The NYT and the Democratic party are both in panic mode. They see the chances of taking the majority in either house rapidly fading. They have no answers to what they want to see done differently. They have no stand on any issue that has to do with National Security. Their best Platform has been, "we need change", but they have no clue on what they would change or how they would go about it.

They are weak and desperate and have been driven to the point where the only thing they can do is stomp their feet and have a temper tantrum.

Don Surber: NYT lies won't save the Democrats

After reading his article feel free to go back and see my full thoughts on what the nature of the Democrats has become. The terrorists new best friends.

[UPDATE] I just came across this and it struck me as philosophically sound.

"You have to consider sacrificing some effectiveness in counterterrorism for the sake of democratic values, and some democratic values for the sake of efficiency in counterterrorism," Ganor said. "Israeli governments and the Israeli Supreme Court have recognized that guarding people's lives is the most important liberal and democratic value of all."