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Friday, September 29, 2006

Bush defends approach to war on terror

In the
latest of the Presidents speeches he makes a few notable points that I fully agree with.

Some have selectively quoted from this document[NIE] to make the case that by fighting the terrorists, by fighting them in Iraq we are making our people less secure here at home. This argument buys into the enemy's propaganda that the terrorists attack us because we're provoking them. I want to remind the American citizens that we were not in Iraq on September the 11th, 2001.

That is a point I have been saying from the beginning of this debate about the war in Iraq, to say the war there is the reason we have terrorists is simply denying logic and asking anyone who hears that argument to deny common sense. Even before 9/11, we were attacked, I have pointed out where and when and I have linked to the facts of each incident.

So to say or to "imply" that Iraq is the problem or where it started is flawed logic.

And this argument was powerfully answered this week by Prime Minister Tony Blair. Here is what he said. He said, "I believe passionately [that] we will not win until we shake ourselves free of the wretched capitulation to the propaganda of the enemy, that somehow we are the ones responsible." He went on to say, "This terrorism is not our fault. We didn't cause it. And It is not the consequence of foreign policy." He's right. You do not create terrorism by fighting terrorism. If that ever becomes the mind set of the policymakers in Washington, it means we'll go back to the old days of waiting to be attacked and then respond. Our most important duty is to protect the American people from a future attack, and the way to do so is to stay on the offense against the terrorists.

You do not create terrorism by fighting terrorism. What other option is left? Wait until they attack us again? Perhaps killing 10 thousand this time or even more? NO!! That option is unacceptable to me and it should be unacceptable to you too. The approach we are taking now might have flaws, might not be as easy as people would like it to be, but what war is easy? Instead of criticizing the things that ARE being done, how about coming up with better ideas and being constructive instead of obstructive?

The President admits that things haven't gone as smoothly as he would have liked, then again, I am sure he isn't surprised that it hasn't been "smooth", because once again, what war is?