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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Iraq Chemical Weapon Program

The Facts on Iraq

I am so sick of everyone acting like Iraq was this lovely, peace loving country that the big bad Americans picked on. Why not actually read the facts, the UN reports, the reports from 30 countries on Iraq? Why not actually research these things before talking about them. I keep seeing these blogs, these news reports, Democrats and their whining about how Iraq wasn't part of 9/11.... so what? Iraq was a danger all by itself, THAT is the truth no one wants you to know. Iraq had already used chemical warfare on its own people, last I heard, chemical weapons were WMD, although I might be wrong...but biological weapons are WMD, or am I wrong there also? Starting to get the point?

Here is a site with all the information and the full history of Iraq, feel free to visit it, read up on it....that is IF you want the tuth, rather than the fiction everyone else is trying to shove down your throat.

Program Histories
Chemical Nuclear
Biological Missile

Maybe after reading this material, some of you, those that still wish to use your brain and think, might understand why Iraq was a threat not only to us, but to the stability of the whole world. Then again, so many live in denial, you might not understand it. Makes me damn glad that it is Bush that is president and not our "lets do nothing" or "lets talk it all out" Democrats.
As I have said in other posts, I am a democrat that for the first time, will be voting strictly Republican, because I for one feel safer with Republicans protecting me, than Democrats. Pretty sad.