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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Piers Morgan Brings CNN's 9PM Time Slot To Lowest Levels In Two Decades

By Susan Duclos

Both MSNBC and CNN saw a massive drop in viewers, specifically the coveted demographic of 25-54 age groups, in May.

MSNBC experienced a double digit drop for May.

CNN experienced its "lowest prime time numbers among total viewers in over two decades, according to Deadline, but it is the figures for Piers Morgan Tonight that brings up the question of why CNN hasn't dumped him by now.

...Piers Morgan Tonight received the lowest total viewer and 25-54 demo numbers that CNN has had in the 9 PM time slot in two decades. The interview show got only 417,000 total viewers and 117,000 among the 25-54 demographic......

Fox News is out-reporting all the other cable news networks, for totals, primetime, morning shows, 5PM,  all the way down to 11PM, according to TV By The Numbers, in the May 28 2013 report.

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