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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Magpul Gun Manufacturer Joins 54 Colorado Sheriffs Suing State Over Gun Control Bills

By Susan Duclos

Gun manufacturer Magpul Industries, has joined with 54 Colorado sheriffs in a lawsuit filed against the state’s recently signed gun-control bills.

Win or lose, Magul is still continuing with their relocation out of the state, bringing their 200 direct jobs, 400 supply-chain jobs and the $85 million  annually, to another state's economy.

Via Washington Times:

“Just to clarify, we are still moving, regardless of the outcome of this legal action,” said a Friday post on the company’s Facebook page. “That train has left the station, and we are well into the selection and negotiation process as well as arranging many elements to be prepared to launch and already moving some production out of state.”

The lawsuit challenges two bills signed in March by Gov. John Hickenlooper: House Bill 1224, which restricts ammunition-magazine capacity to 15 rounds or fewer, and House Bill 1229, which requires background checks on all gun sales and transfers, including temporary transfers.

“This isn’t good public policy. These are really awful bills,” said Weld County Sheriff John Cooke at a Friday press conference. “They are unenforceable and encourage disrespect for the law, which puts both law enforcement and the public in greater danger.”

The Democratic state legislature approved the bills, along with a third bill requiring gun owners to pay for their own background checks, with no Republican votes. Democratic state Sen. Mary Hodge issued a statement Friday accusing the sheriffs of “playing politics.”

“We can’t just sit by and do nothing while first-graders and moviegoers are being mowed down in one fell swoop with weapons equipped with large-capacity magazines,” said Ms. Hodge. “It’s time to stop playing politics and start protecting Coloradans from massacres and unnecessary gun violence.”

Mr. Cooke denied the charge. “We’re not the ones playing politics with this,” said Cooke. “We believe the [legislators] are the ones playing politics. We’re standing up for our constituents and the Constitution,” he said.

It is noteworthy that Colorado politicians accuse law enforcement of "playing politics", when the politicians are the ones ignoring the experts, being the law enforcement officials, that maintain the law, deal with the criminals and would know more about what would and would not work in reducing violence.

The politicians are pushing an ideological anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment, gun control agenda while the sheriffs are standing up for their constituents and committed to upholding their oath of office to defend the Constitution.

Politicians play politics, law enforcement are the ones that risk their lives every single day to keep their residents safe.