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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ignorance Is Bliss / Death And Dumb

By Skeez

 Hello readers. It's been awhile since I was here, but I have been reading and sharing WUA.  A lot has happened since my last post, and not much of it good. I've lost some of my "snarkiness" mainly due to personal issues. But that is personal...

 I came back to put forth my opinion on the reasons behind what I feel will be the end of our Norman Rockwell life that I so loved. I have watched many get so involved with the fastness of life nowadays, that they have become indifferent to the future of the United States. It has been put forth that the life span of free thinking world powers is about 200 years. That is a sad thought, but just look around. We have major corruption in our government, reaching into the highest levels. And the majority do not know about it. (Personally I feel if they did, we wouldn't be here, we would be blogging about gardens and such.) I'm not that great at writing, but every now and then, I find an article that says what I want to. This is the one..

 Ed Lasky took the words out of my head and copied them here. The best, and scariest line of the article is the last.
  "And the rest of us will be paying the price for many years to come."... or maybe forever.
 (last 3 words added by me.) 

 Obama is not the Devil, but merely a pawn in the game of chess that has been going on for years. Playing on the ignorance of the masses is not a new concept. I seems that ignorance is bliss. Keep them alive with a minimal amount of effort, offer them any comforts at all without giving them the true ramifications, (Obamcare) and hope. Always give them hope, even till the end. That word got Obama elected, and even today, as the house burns down around them, American Idol is more important than four Americans killed at the hand that feeds them. Because they didn't know. 

 We know, but we are the choir so often preached to. We see, we read, we know and preach the truth to each other, and few that so desperately need this information, will ever get to see it. Therefore, the change so much talked up in 2008, was merely business as usual. The sign at the edge of the cliff still reads "Hope".

  In Liberty,