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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

IRS and AP Phone Scandals: Video - Piers Morgan Admits Obama Admin Showing Tyrannical Behavior

By Susan Duclos

I am a little late posting this video but after watching the 3:12 minute clip there are a few points made that are noteworthy.

First Morgan admits that despite his laughing at Second Amendment supporters when they say the right to bear arms is inherent to the ability to protect against governmental tyranny, because he used to think that was a "ridiculous" argument, the IRS scandal where the agency deliberately targeted conservatives (the list is still growing) and the AP phone scandal where the DOJ seized reporters' phone records, is "vaguely" and "bordering" on tyranny.

There is more, like the discussion on how liberals say "the Republicans are going to be all over this," then admitting they should be as should every Democrat.


Makes you wonder if Morgan has the integrity to call each and every one of those people he "laughed at" and called "ridiculous" when they spoke of protection against tyranny, and apologize for his arrogant dismissal of their very real points.

Maybe making a public apology for comparing Tea Party supporters to "Hitler and Mussolini" followers?

Heh, yeah, those were rhetorical questions because that would take some kind of honor.