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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Leftist Tavis Smiley Claims Attacks From Obama Admin For Criticizing Obama

By Susan Duclos

The First Amendment, freedom of speech and beliefs, have been attacked on a regular basis during the Obama administration, from freedom of the press with the AP and Fox News being attacked by Obama's Department of Justice, to the IRS targeting conservative groups, religious groups, pro-Israel groups that disagree with Obama's Israel policies and Mitt Romney donors.

Now we see that it isn't only the political right that has been pressured and attacked, but members of the left that have dared break the cardinal rule of criticizing Barack Obama.

Via Huffington Post:

Smiley, 48, also doesn't shrink from the repercussions that occur when his opinions, delivered on radio and in interviews in his distinctively punchy cadence, strike a nerve. He has drawn the ire of conservatives and, because of his insistent criticism of President Barack Obama's policies, that of some liberals and African-Americans.

Smiley contends that members of the Obama administration, whom he didn't identify, have pressured sponsors to drop their support of his projects, including his anti-poverty initiatives. The White House had no comment, said a spokesman, Kevin Lewis.

Smiley declined to identify the companies, saying he wasn't authorized to disclose their names.
While he said he understands the desire of blacks to stand protectively by the first African-American president, he's adamant about his right to take Obama to task on rising black unemployment, the use of military drones and other issues.

"This administration does not like to be criticized. And the irony of it is, there's nothing I have tried to hold the president accountable on that my white progressive colleagues have not," Smiley said. "They're labeled courageous critics, but if I say it, I'm an `Obama critic.' There's race at play in the very question."
Smiley isn't a conservative by any means, isn't a right-winger and has felt the chilling attack against his right of free speech, protected by the First Amendment, for nothing more than disagreeing publicly with the Obama administration's policies.

Gateway Pundit highlights specific Smiley criticisms against Obama on unemployment, from September, via video below:

Harsh, but accurate.