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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Too Easy!!! Anthony Weiner Campaign Trolls For Interns.... Seriously

By Susan Duclos

The entertainment begins with the news that the Anthony Weiner for Mayor campaign has posted an unpaid job posting, trolling for interns.

Starting with the ad itself:

"Hard"working is a no-brainer so, let us move on to being willing to work as a team.

Remember some of the team sexting?


• "practice saying, 'god, anthony, I'm cumming again."

• "you will surely make noise when I take you deep."

•  "ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. wanna see?"

Let me interrupt myself to remind readers that the whole sexting scandal that led to Weiner's resignation from Congress, came because he did "show" the bulge in his shorts, publicly when he sent it out to all of Twitter instead of sending it to his sext team member, then tried to claim his account had been hacked, before admitting, yeah, he did it.

Moving along to more of his "team" playing:

•  wow a jewish girl who sucks cock! this thing is ready to do damage"

•  "I was hoping my fat cock would be a selling point too"

• "tonight i'm just a man with a raging hard on"

Just a small sample... read more of the Best Of Weiner Erotic Texts over at AskMen.

How about that line "meeting goals given by staff." They probably should have said "campaign staff" cause, ummmm, Weiner's reputation is goal oriented for a whole different type of "staff."

Moving along to the NYP article about Weiner hunt for interns:

The ad says the former Queens congressman wants interns who can use "social media to enhance our message."

Way too easy... as the photo above shows, Weiner definitely is a pro on using "social media" to "enhance" an image.......huh?

“This is an unpaid internship but we are willing to work with you to get you school credit,” the campaign says, urging applicants to send their résumé to

Ok, the article didn't actually link the email address, I did that..... it might be fun to see how many people decide to have their own fun with applying to work "hard" as team to "enhance" Weiner's image.

A huge thank you to Anthony Weiner for deciding to run for Mayor of New York, it isn't often that politics are entertaining, but this promises to provide endless entertainment for those of us with twisted sense of humors.

[Update] This is cross posted now at PolitiSite and they have some awesome Twitter responses embedded about this post... go...see... laugh.