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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moral Decay, The Media, And Our Language

STRONG LANGUAGE AHEAD!! But needed to make my point.

 It seems the English language itself, may be more to blame than anything. And I'm at times guilty also.We as adults, have gotten so used to our TV saying more and more everyday that it's OK to curse, without really cursing. Getting close.......but not really! We think it's funny, when it's on TV! K Mart actually enlists underage kids, to "tongue in cheek" the word "ass" and "shit". Let's watch, shall we?

If you hear one of your kids saying this.."Look at that frickin' big gas man shipping his pants!", without saying anything, you may be guilty too! Thanx to Frickers for the add in. We accept this word for fuck, but we eat there, so it's OK! Love the wings!They are fucking awesome. Same? same? right? But it's OK. They do it on TV all the time, right? Heck yes.......Heck is not an obvious word for not saying hell is it?
 I'm just reminiscing about how our words have lost a lot of meaning. I want The Flintstones to "Have a gay old time", without the snickers. Now you have to call someone a weirdo, instead of queer. At least being a gay female, has it's own unique name. Notice any word play yet? Anything we say about Anthony's Wiener, is bitchin'. But how dare you call me a bitch! I didn't see what all the fuss was over such a small subject as his penis, (can't say that on  broadcast TV, but we sell stuff that goes on them, and in a vagina!) But we got cable!!  And if you have children you probably, lock out late night Comedy Central on Saturday.
 Hell is on any station at any time. A reporter describing the Oklahoma devastation compared it to Hell. I could not say this word as a child, although they tried to scare the hell out of me at church saying hell. Very confusing to small children. And still is to me.
 For a Politician to lie used to be the worst! Now we elect the best liars. The media makes sure of that! And no party lines drawn here folks! ALL are guilty! Well, the biggest part of them are Liberals! Had to get a bit of kneecapping in, it's what I do!
  If I missed any words feel free to add them in the damn comment area. I won't read them, because I see it on the Freakin' Boob Tube!

 Heh,heh, he said "boob"!
 And the phallic symbol of America, stands proudly at attention in the background of two nuts!

    In Mother Effin Liberty,