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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Embedded Emails- White House Succumbs To Media Demands And Releases Benghazi Emails

By Susan Duclos

The White House finally releases 100 Benghazi emails after massive pressure from not only conservatives politians but as the mainstream media starts demanding their release.

Via WSJ:

 More than 100 pages of emails released by the White House on Wednesday depict a protracted, frustrating and often tense debate about what should be contained in public "talking points" about last year's deadly assault in Benghazi, Libya.

The emails reveal a tussle within the administration about what it could confidently say about the attacks while an investigation into the assault was ongoing.

Senior administration officials said the emails—which the White House released to try to quell a partisan controversy—encompassed a two-day discussion among several agencies as officials wrote and rewrote the talking points on the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks.

Republicans have charged that the White House had political motives—less than two months before the presidential election—for changing the talking points to remove references to terrorist involvement in the assault.

Administration officials on Wednesday described the emails, written by officials ranging from unnamed career employees to then-Central Intelligence Agency director David Petraeus, as a mundane set of documents.

Officials from across the national-security establishment made suggestions aimed at protecting their own interests and turf, as the talking points were edited to remove a mention of al Qaeda and to delete sentences referring to previous warnings about extremist threats in Benghazi.

As the discussion proceeded, frustrations appeared to emerge.

Those emails are embedded below:

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