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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Juan Williams Fails In Defending Attorney General Eric Holder

By Susan Duclos

With Fast and Furious, The New Black Panthers, and the latest attack against the freedom of press by the Obama administration's Department of Justice, Attorney General Eric Holder has been held in Contempt of Congress, criticized, and raked over the coals for decisions made under his rule.

Brit Hume and Juan Williams argued  on Fox News Sunday over the appropriateness of Eric Holder being in charge of investigating the Justice Department for decisions made under Holder's watch and to which Holder personally signed off on. (H/T MediaIte)


Hume 1- Williams 0-

Related- The NYP poses the the question "How does Holder survive?"

So if everybody hates Eric, what’s holding him up? Normally, inconvenient officials are blithely given the heave-ho, and there’s still ample room under the Obama bus for another body or four. It’s also customary for cabinet officials to depart after the first term (see: Clinton, Hillary) as part of a general reshuffling. But not Holder.

The reason is simple: Holder is the id to the president’s massive ego, busily helping to bring about the president’s wish for the “fundamental transformation” of America from his post at Justice. Along with super-ego Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s chief consigliere and all-around Madame Defarge, he’s likely to be among the last to go.