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Monday, September 17, 2012

Video- Citizens United 'The Hope and the Change' To Be Televised Into Tens Of Millions Of Homes

By Susan Duclos

(Videos below the post)

Citizens United released their one hour film at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, and portions shown on Sean Hannity and now it is to be released on a dozen television stations before the November presidential election.

This movie — set to start airing on Tuesday and run through Nov. 6 on six cable and six broadcast networks — features forty Democratic and independent voters who backed Obama in 2008 and have since become disillusioned. Much of the film consists of the voters talking, with an overlay of world events over the last four years.

The voters talk about what they had expected Obama to accomplish once in office, and why they had supported him. Bossie says the voters, who come from swing states such as Florida, Iowa, Colorado, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, were picked from focus groups that were conducted by former Jimmy Carter adviser Pat Caddell.

More from page two of the Politico report:

The movie will run in its 60-minute entirety in an agreement with six cable networks like HDNet Movies and FamilyNet, along with local stations in Louisiana, Colorado, Indiana, Hawaii and Louisiana. It will reach 130 million homes, according to Citizens United, coupled with advertising dollars about the movie on cable networks.

That will come on top of a flood of Mitt Romney campaign spending, and super PAC spending, in the final seven weeks of the race.

The voters “bought into that hope [Obama] would be different, he would be someone who would bring the world together and now it’s more divided today,” Bossie said. “Those types of messages are really what’s important.”

He said the group has also been focus-grouping the film with pollster Frank Luntz’s dial groups, and said, “The numbers are phenomenal.”

[WATCH] - The Hope And The Change - Official Movie Trailer- The surprising personal journeys of 40 Democrats and Independents from across America who supported Obama in 2008.

The Hope and the Change website is here.

Bonus Video below- Hannity Special on "The Hope and The Change" where Hannity interviewed Citizens United President and Executive Producer of the film "The Hope and The Change" David Bossie, Writer/Director Stephen K. Bannon, former Democrat pollster Pat Caddell and cast members of "The Hope and The Change" in a one hour special.