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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Barack Obama Bows In Submission To Mohammed Morsi And The Muslim Brotherhood And Goes After Filmmaker

By Susan Duclos

Obama administration officials admitted they flagged the Mohammed Movie Trailer "Innocence of Muslims" over at YouTube asking them to review the the video to see if it met with their Terms of Service in an attempt to have it removed. Google's YouTube reviewed it and found that it was "clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on YouTube."

Having been rebuffed by YouTube, the Obama administration now is targeting the filmmaker, via headlines at Memeorandum:

Alleged ‘Innocence of Muslims’ filmmaker taken in for interviewing by deputies

Producer Of Anti-Islam Film Was Fed Snitch


Of course the Obama administration would rather attack an American's free speech rights by targeting the filmmaker than admit that America is suffering from a sustained terror attack that started on September 11, 2012.

Obama received his marching orders and he is now complying.

Reminder from September 12, 2012: "Egyptian President Morsi might be planning to attack free speech in the U.S. by using international “justice” against us. He has reportedly asked the U.S. to go after the filmmakers of the inconsequential anti-Mohammed film trailer."

Even Obama apologist, Democrat, Kirsten Powers, appears disgusted by the behavior of the Obama adminsitration:

Egypt's President Morsi reportedly asked Obama "to put an end to such behavior"—presumably freedom, constitutional rights and the like -- as it led to the making of, in his eyes, the offensive movie.

Obama has no legal recourse but our president seems to be acquiescing to Morsi’s request by trying to silence the movie-maker through verbal intimidation, including a call from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Dempsey who asked Pastor Terry Jones to withdraw his support for the film. Additionally, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the FBI was dispatched to Hollywood to uncover the identity of the filmmaker. (Don't they have real terrorists to catch? I'll be looking for the administration's condemnations next for the selling of the DVD of “The Da Vinci Code,” the blockbuster American movie that claims Jesus had sex with Mary Magdalene.)

Team Obama’s unseemly groveling to violent extremists has been cloaked in a newfound concern on the left for respecting religious sensibilities.  Tuesday, a liberal professor argued in USA Today that the maker of the Mohammed film should be arrested.

President Obama said in the Rose Garden: "We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others" and Clinton asserted that,  "The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others."  Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough endorsed efforts to create "a world where the dignity of all people—and all faiths—is respected."

Apparently our foreign policy is now being run by Dr. Phil. Someone needs to explain to the White House that our Constitution protects freedom of religion from government interference, not the protection from people who say mean, critical  or offensive things about one's religion.
It is utterly reprehensible that Americans are forced to watch not only these terrorist attacks against America but also Barack Obama bowing down in submission to Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, who is calling for even more protests.

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