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Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama's Libya Lies Fall Like A House Of Cards

By Susan Duclos

The Daily Beast headlines with "Obama's Shaky Libya Narrative" which goes on to explain how every single tall tale and assertion made by Obama and his administration officials has collapsed.

It starts with "Ten days after the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, the White House’s official story about the incident appears to be falling apart."


Appears? APPEARS????

For the first week Obama and his officials said the Libya attack and murder of a U.S. Ambassador and three others was not premeditated, was spontaneous, was not a terrorist attack and was a result of a movie trailer "Innocence of Muslims"  that insulted Mohammed.

Within the last two days, Obama officials have admitted it was planned, it was a terrorist attack and that movie clip was simply a guise to hide the preplanned attack.

Appears to be falling apart? That sucker fell like a house of cards.

Ok, alright, sorry, back to The Daily Beast piece:

In the days following the killing of the U.S. ambassador and two ex-Navy SEALs, President Obama and top State Department officials portrayed the attack as a spontaneous reaction to an Internet video depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammad as a lascivious brute. The protests, White House spokesman Jay Carney said last week, were “in response to a video—a film—that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting.”

Now there is mounting evidence that the White House’s initial portrayal of the attacks as a mere outgrowth of protest was incorrect—or, at the very least, incomplete. The administration’s story itself has recently begun to shift, with Matthew Olsen, the director of the National Counter-Terrorism Center, telling Congress on Wednesday that the attackers may have had links to al Qaeda and Carney characterizing the incident as a “terrorist attack.” (Hillary Clinton announced on Thursday that she was putting together a panel to look into the incident.)

But other indications that the White House’s early narrative was faulty are also beginning to emerge. One current U.S. intelligence officer working on the investigation into the incident told The Daily Beast that the attackers had staked out and monitored the U.S. consulate in Benghazi before the attack, a move that suggests pre-planning.

What’s more, two U.S. intelligence officials told The Daily Beast that the intelligence community is currently analyzing an intercept between a Libyan politician whose sympathies are with al Qaeda and the Libyan militia known as the February 17 Brigade—which had been charged with providing local security to the consulate. In the intercept, the Libyan politician apparently asks an officer in the brigade to have his men stand down for a pending attack—another piece of evidence implying the violence was planned in advance. (Plenty of Libyans, of course, did try to protect the consulate. “Many of those Libyans died in the gunfight fighting off the attackers,” one of the officials said. “But there were some bad apples there as well.”)

“I think this is a case of an administration saying what they wished to be true before waiting for all the facts to come in,” says one senior retired CIA official.

A multi pronged attack, on 9/11. A movie clip that had been online for multiple months suddenly is discovered just as 9/11 approaches.  Military grade weapons were used. A consulate attacked and then the safe house attacked.  Americans murdered.

The Obama administration, with the complicity of the Obama liberal media who were too busy attacking Mitt Romney to call the Obama administration out on all this, seems to be the only ones in the country, hell, the world, who did not see that it was "self evident" that this was an organized, premeditated, terrorist attack on America.

[Update] More from the Washington Post "Obama’s embassy cover story dissolves"

[Update #2] Those initial lies and the subsequent media attempt at a coverup weren't wishful thinking, they were to hide the fact that "Limited Security in Benghazi, Secrecy Over Safe House, Contributed to Tragedy."

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