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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day Seven Of Continued Attacks Against America, Obama On Sixth Campaign Event And David Letterman

By Susan Duclos

H/t Power Line on Cartoon

Continuing to report what the media refuses to, we started with four days of attacks while Obama attended three campaign events on 9/12.

Yesterday was day six of attacks against America and free speech and Obama's campaign event number was at five.

Today makes the seventh day of sustained worldwide attacks against America, Americans and free speech and Obama is scheduled for his sixth campaign event and a bonus appearance on David Letterman. (Making it 7 for 7)

9/12/12- The day after the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three others were murdered, Obama went to Vegas for a fundraiser.

9/13/12- U.S. Embassies worldwide continued to be attacked, and Obama went to Colorado for a campaign event.

9/14/12- Attacks continued and Obama attended a campaign event in a private residence in Washington DC.

9/17/12- Attacks continue and more die and Obama attends two campaign events in Ohio.

9/18/12- Attacks continue, more dead, and Obama scheduled to attend another campaign event/fundraiser and appear on David Letterman... so technically it is 7 days of attacks and 7 campaign events.

Obama schedule obtained directly from the White House website.

Liberals and media still focused on Mitt Romney and completely ignores the bad optics of the U.S. being under sustained attacks worldwide while Obama attends campaign events.

Nice to see Obama has his priorities straight. His reelection campaign comes before an International crisis and American's security.