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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Obama's Foreign Policy Failure- Fatwas, Suicide Bombers And Attacks Continue, Obama Campaigns

By Susan Duclos

Another day, another Fatwa issued by Muslim extremists against American's free speech rights and the headlines show that Obama's disastrous foreign policy and Muslim outreach policies are getting deadlier than ever.

Afghan Militants Cite Female Suicide Bomber in Deadly Blast

Libya: We gave US three-day warning of Benghazi attack 

Magariaf confirms US officials intercepted communications that linked al-Qaida in Maghreb to Islamist brigade Ansar al-Sharia 

Muslim Extremists Issues Fatwa Against Mohammed Movie Makers... Yawn

AFDI/SIOA Exclusive: Statement from Joseph Nassralla Gives Inside Story of Making of “Innocence of Muslims” film

White House media ignores Obama’s Muslim outreach meltdown

Muslim protesters rage at United States in Asia, Middle East

Muslims protest at US embassy

Obama Administration Caught Lying About Security at Libyan Consulate

Obama White House Blames Movie for Suspension of Joint Operations with Afghans.

All that, but Romney is still the focus for liberals that would rather not talk about Obama's foreign policy failure.

On this seventh day of murder, mayhem and anti-American "death to America" protests across the world, with people dying, Barack Obama is due to attend his sixth campaign event and scheduled to appear on David Letterman.

One would think that Obama would be determining how best to protect Americans, deal with the International crisis, remove al-Qaeda's flag from it's position on top of an American embassy, take our embassies back from the violent Muslim extremists since they are considered American soil, stand up for free speech rights and defend our constitution.

One would be wrong.

More links will be added throughout the day....