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Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Details Show Libya Attack Preplanned And Organized Despite Obama Admin Denials

By Susan Duclos

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice denies the attack in Libya which killed U.S. Ambassador Stevens and three others, was premeditated. The Obama administration  wants Americans to believe it was a coincidence that it happened on 9/11, the anniversary of the worst terror attack against America in recent history.

CNN provides more details of the Libya attacks, which show clearly it was premeditated, preplanned and organized.

We were warned:

Three days before the deadly assault on the United States consulate in Libya, a local security official says he met with American diplomats in the city and warned them about deteriorating security.

The Attacks:

According to one of the Libyan security guards who was stationed at one of the gates armed with only a radio, the assault began simultaneously from three directions.

Heavy machine guns and rocket -propelled grenades were used, according to the guard. He said masked men threatened to kill him at gunpoint for 'protecting the infidels. He declined to appear on camera for fear of repercussions.

Then the safe house was attacked:

After the consulate was attacked and set on fire, a number of Americans escaped to a safe-house in another part of the city. But that came under attack too.

Mabrouk said he received a call from an official in Tripoli, who said he had been called by a "terrified" American in Benghazi.

The official was at the safe-house. Mabrouk says the Brigade asked the Americans if they needed help -- but were told that while the situation was dangerous, it was under control.

A few hours later, Mabrouk said he received another call from Tripoli about the arrival of a U.S. team at Benghazi airport that needed transport into the city.

He met the seven Americans, who were heavily armed but not in military uniform, on the runway and provided them with an armed escort, he said.

As soon as the two vehicles carrying the seven Americans arrived at the safe house, they came under intense attack -- including a volley of grenades and machine-gun fire. The assailants then fled.

The Mohammed Movie trailer which is now sparking worldwide protests and attacks against U.S. Embassies was uploaded to YouTube over 2 months ago (see here), "Published on Jul 2, 2012," something that truly needs to be reported on more because the odds of a movie trailer coincidentally having clips shown to create worldwide chaos, two months after they were uploaded, are beyond long shot odds into almost impossible odds.

The attack in Libya, the murders there, were preplanned and the Mohammed Movie trailer was used as a convenient cover for those attacks and murders, first by the Muslim extremists hell bent on attacking America again on 9/11, then by the Obama administration that would rather Americans think this was simply a response to an offensive against Islam, than to admit the United States of America was attacked and it's citizens murdered, again, on 9/11.

[Update] Libya's President confirms, attacks preplanned.