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Monday, September 17, 2012

Newsweek Cover: Muslim Rage- Twitter hashtag #MuslimRage

By Susan Duclos

Newsweek is again generating headlines with a cover depicting angry mobs of Muslims raging, the headline simply saying "Muslim Rage", then below "How I survived it, how we can end it,"written by Aayan Hirsi Ali."

The Daily Beast headline is "The Last Gasp Of Islamic Hate." A three page article, well worth the read.

Teaser quotes below:

How should American leaders respond? What should they say and do, for example, when a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s newly elected ruling party, demands a formal apology from the United States government and urges that the “madmen” behind the Muhammad video be prosecuted, in violation of the First Amendment? If the U.S. follows the example of Europe over the last two decades, it will bend over backward to avoid further offense. And that would be a grave mistake—for the West no less than for those Muslims struggling to build a brighter future.

 Teaser from Page #2:

Now I knew what it was like to be a combatant in the clash of civilizations. Having renounced Islam and openly criticized its political manifestations, I was condemned to a life cordoned off from the rest of society. I quickly learned the drill leading up to any public meeting or event. “Follow me,” the agent on duty would bark out, half-request and half-order, opening the doors to the armored car, doors I was not allowed to touch. Then a fast-paced walk, more like a march: a dash into basements and cellars; down dark corridors and elevators; through greasy kitchens and laundry rooms full of startled workers looking up, frozen in place. Agents whispering into wrists, elevators opening at the perfect moment, and I would be ushered into the occasion I was supposed to attend: a meeting of politicians; a town hall gathering; a reading; an intimate birthday party.

Teaser from Page #3:

It was Voltaire who once said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” As Salman Rushdie discovered, as we are reminded again as the Arab street burns, that sentiment is seldom heard in our time. Once I was ready to burn The Satanic Verses. Now I know that his right to publish it was a more sacred thing than any religion.

Predictably, Aayan Hirsi Ali, a woman who has lived through this, suffered it, understands it from a first person point of view and came out stronger, is being criticized by those that haven't lived it, haven't suffered and have no clue, as shown by other journalist's reactions.

From Andrew Kirk, PR Director at Newsweek & The Daily Beast: (Via Politico)
“This week's Newsweek cover accurately depicts the events of the past week as violent protests have erupted in the Middle East (including Morocco where the cover image was taken)."

 Screw em if they can't handle the truth: