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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The TRUTH: "Incident in New Baghdad"

This last weekend a movie nominated for an Oscar under the Documentary category, gave a version of what happened in one specific incident in Iraq. "Incident in New Baghdad" has been promoted as the reality behind a film Wikileaks released that became known as 'Collateral Murder'.

Only one problem with this movie: it's not the truth of what actually happened that day.

War On Terror News has this:


When a movie is called a documentary, that implies that what the viewer sees is the true retelling of events portrayed. As is apparent from what WOTN has written, based on eye witness accounts, (which the film-maker chose not to include,) this 'documentary' "Incident in New Baghdad" not so much.

War On Terror News has much more, from those who were actually there.

It IS a must read