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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Video- Ohio AG Mike DeWine Withdraws Support For Romney And Endorses Rick Santorum

By Susan Duclos

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who previously endorsed Mitt Romney has officially withdrawn his support for Romney and endorsed Rick Santorum. DeWine's statement included reasons why he switched support midstream when he says (approx. 2:50 mark of video below)"To be elected President, you have to do more than tear down your opponents. You have to give the American people a reason to vote for you -- a reason to hope -- a reason to believe that under your leadership, America will be better. Rick Santorum has done that. Sadly, Governor Romney has not."

He goes on to say "Now, I get it, I understand politics is a tough business, no one knows that better than I do, but let's be honest, over the past months Governor Romney and his SuperPAC have coupled a remarkable ability to tear down his Republican opponents with an astounding inability to provide voters a rationale to support him."

Video below:

DeWine seems to be saying he was turned off by the amount of negativity seen by Romney. In Florida for example, where 99 percent of Mitt Romney's and pro-Romney SuperPAC, Restore our Future's campaign ads, were negative attack ads against another candidate In Florida's case, those were against Newt Gingrich. Gingrich's campaign was outspent in Florida 5 to 1, with a constant barrage of attacks flooding televisions across the state.

Romney's own record is a mixture of liberal policies, tax, spend, pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-government healthcare etc... which highly contradicts the "severely" conservative rhetoric he campaigns on now as a Republican presidential candidate. Therefore he attacks anyone who seems to threaten the Romney is inevitable meme that has been so prevalent in the news from the beginning of the campaign season.

If Mitt Romney cannot give his own supporters a reason to continue to support him and he cannot provide the rationale to win over GOP supporters, then how does he think he can win over the general electorate in November?

Attacking Obama and his record will not be enough, the GOP candidate must show a stark contrast between Obama and himself and Mitt Romney cannot even defend his own documented voting record.

As a Gingrich supporter, I believe Newt Gingrich could show that contrast, but so could Rick Santorum and if my candidate of choice is not nominated, I could at least be enthused about a Santorum nomination in a way I could never be enthused about Romney.

[Update] The proof is in the pudding as the old expression goes, showing Romney understands the damage he has done to himself as he now highlights his positive ad (singular) yet continues to run negative ads under the radar and without formally releasing it to the press.