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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Arizona GOP Debate Info- February 22, 2012

By Susan Duclos

[Update 2/23/12] Two separate pieces, one with debate transcript link and analysis of last night's debate HERE and another with Gingrich's statements on Barack Obama's record of voting against the born-alive infant protection act while he was a state Senator. (with video) HERE

The four remaining GOP candidates will be participating in another GOP debate tonight, sponsored by CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona at 8pm ET on CNNLive Stream.

Participants: Romney, Santorum, Paul, Gingrich

This will be the last Republican debate before the Michigan and Arizona primaries are held as well as the last one before the Super Tuesdays contests. (10 states) This will be the first debate since Rick Santorum took the national lead in polling, so it is expected that more attention will be focused on Santorum, his past statements, recent statements and voting record.

Gallup has Santorum over Romney by 10, Rasmussen by 12 and Quinnipiac University by 9.

(Full Republican primary/caucus schedule found HERE)

CNN Republican presidential debate.