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Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Romney Smirk- Air Of Entitlement Will Hand Barack Obama Another 4 Years

By Susan Duclos

Mitt Romney after losing the South Carolina Primary

I finally figured out what it is about Romney that that bugs me the most other than his liberal past actions which do not match his rhetoric when he is campaigning as a supposed conservative... it is his air of entitlement, like he somehow believes he is entitled to win the GOP nomination. Never before in all my years watching GOP politicians, have I witnessed someone who thinks "he is all that and a bag of chips," as Romney appears to think he is.

It is unattractive, it is his condescending attitude and his ability to make me think of Obama in disguise that makes me cringe every time I see his speeches or his picture.

That smirk needs to be wiped off his face with a couple devastating losses which I am hoping the Southern states, like South Carolina did, give him in spades. A couple races in March where he takes last place.

Romney does not even have 100 delegates out of the 1,144 delegates needed to win the GOP nomination, yet he believes his own press and has himself convinced he is "inevitable."

Romney had that same smirk in 2008, yet John McCain took the nomination.

Every win he has had, every primary and caucus, Republican turnout has been down. Perhaps it is not just his contrasting record from his campaign rhetoric, perhaps other GOP voters simply do not like the man himself either.

The man himself turns voters off. If he cannot draw voters out where participation is up in a state he wins as Gingrich did in the 34 out of 67 counties of Florida that he won, or in South Carolina where the turnout was up and gave Gingrich the win, then how on earth is he going to create an air of enthusiasm for a general election if he obtains the GOP nomination?

As was explained in a previous post, there are GOP voters out there asking 4 more years of Obama, or potentially 8 more years of Obama-like Romney?

There are 45 states to go and already we are seeing a loss of enthusiasm in the general conservative electorate that is unheard of when an opposing party's President is as unpopular as Barack Obama is.

Perhaps he should ask himself why he isn't capable of creating excitement in what he now calls his "base". [Conservatives]

It is that attitude, that air of entitlement, that cockiness where he thinks he is better than everyone else, that DAMN SMIRK of his, along with his past liberal policies that is going to hand Barack Obama another four years.

This has been your public service rant of the day, back to regularly scheduled programming....

Enjoy the Super Bowl everyone!!!!