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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Michigan Polls Show Close Contest Between Santorum And Romney

By Susan Duclos

After a dismal Arizona debate performance for Rick Santorum last night, these numbers may change, but a variety of polls from different organizations have Santorum and Romney running neck and neck in Michigan, a state where Romney was the odds on favorite to win since he was born there and his father was a popular governor in for most of the 60's.

American Research Group has Santorum 38 percent and Romney 34 percent. (CNN)
NBC News-Marist has Romney 37 pecent and Santorum with 35 percent. (CNN)
Detroit Free Press has Santorum with 37 percent and Romney with 34 percent. (Detroit Free Press)

Real Clear Politics averages in Michigan has a Santorum lead by 0.6 percent.

Michigan, along with Arizona, holds their primaries on February 28, 2012.

(Full Republican primary/caucus schedule found HERE)