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Friday, February 24, 2012

Video- Obama 2008, Licking His Chops Over High Gas Prices

By Susan Duclos

On Thursday Barack Obama made a statement that seemed overtly hypocritical.

Via MediaIte:

While addressing the issue of climbing gas prices Thursday, President Barack Obama shared that “some politicians, they see this as a political opportunity… I know you’re shocked by that.” He mentioned that one newspaper headline reported that “Republicans are licking their chops” over rising gas prices. “Only in politics,” he added, “do people root for bad news

[Update] More from RCP, with video at the link.

At a campaign event in Coral Gables, Florida, President Obama says Republicans see rising gas prices as a "political opportunity" and they are "licking their chops."

Obama didn't stop there. "They greet bad news so enthusiastically," he added.

So, Obama is using a quote from a New paper to reiterate his feeling that Republicans are licking their chops over high gas prices because they are criticizing the Obama administration while campaigning, for the soaring gas prices.

Video FLASHBACK- Obama, via YouTube and Uploaded by BarackObamadotcom on Apr 25, 2008, where the candidate for presidency was campaigning using the high price of gas against the sitting administration.

Obama has no problem licking his chops when he was sitting outside the White House and legitimately using the high price of gas in his campaigning, but if Republicans do it, they are "rooting for bad news."

Six of Barack Obama's campaign ads in 2008 focused on high gas prices.

In 2008 Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle that under his cap-and-trade plan, "electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket." Steven Chu, now Secretary of Energy, told this newspaper in the same year: "Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." That would be, oh, $10 a gallon. (Source)

Another video flashback moment when Barack Obama the candidate, in 2008, explained why he wanted higher gas prices, just gradually rising not jumping out of control as they are now.

No worries though because Obama has the answer, which he explained in detail in July 2008:

"There are things you can do individually, though, to save energy. Making sure your tires are properly inflated – simple thing. But we could save all the oil that they're talking about getting off drilling – if everybody was just inflating their tires? And getting regular tune-ups? You'd actually save just as much!"

The audacity of Obama is astounding.


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