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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pro-Romney SuperPAC Ad In Georgia Against Gingrich Rated 'Pants On Fire' By PolitiFact

By Susan Duclos

Yet another Restore Our Future , a pro-Romney SuperPAC, ad has been rated "Pants on Fire" by PolitiFact for outright lies in their latest ad airing in Georgia attacking Newt Gingrich.

The Claim:

Newt Gingrich "co-sponsored a bill with Nancy Pelosi that would have given $60 million a year to a U.N. program supporting China’s brutal one-child policy."
Restore Our Future on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 in a television ad

The Conclusion:

The Restore Our Future website says the $60 million went to the United Nations Population Fund and that President Ronald Reagan withheld funds from the program after he determined the program, which supports family planning and contraception, was supporting Chinese actions.

The bill did propose money for the United Nations Population Fund. But Section 1102, Part C, of the bill prohibits using any of the funds for "the performance of involuntary sterilization or abortion or to coerce any person to accept family planning." That is the exact opposite of the language in Restore Our Future’s ad about Gingrich.

As we mentioned, PolitiFact Florida rated this claim Pants On Fire.

The language is the same in this ad. And the facts haven’t changed. Pants On Fire.

According to PolitiFact's Restore our Future file, they have rated seven separate ads produced by the pro-Romney SuperPAC with two being rated "pants on fire", three rated "half true", one rated "mostly true" and one rated "true."

All but one of those ads were attacks against Newt Gingrich and the other one was an attack against Rick Santorum.

With Rick Sanotrum taking the lead nationally and in Michigan polling, the state that almost all pundits assumed would be Romney's since he was born there and his father was Governor there for most of the 60s, we can expect Restore Our Future to align themselves with Team Romney's stated plan of attack against Rick Santorum in the coming weeks.

HEH- Santorum is already fighting back, video below titled "Rombo."