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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood rigging Egypt election?

What happens 'over there' DOES affect you!

From London's Evening Standard:

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood 'trying to rig poll with gifts'

Bel Trew 30 Nov 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood was today accused of attempting to rig Egypt's election by handing out gifts and food at polling stations in a desperate attempt to win power.

Witnesses told the Evening Standard that the Islamist party, which is expected to secure a large share of the votes, had a strong presence both inside and outside polling stations.
Onlookers claimed some Brotherhood groups were allowed to set up tables with laptop computers in order to show "people how to vote".

Voting laws passed after the fall of Hosni Mubarak's regime in February outlaw bribes or campaigning inside or near polling stations.

Today voting continued with turnout again reported to be high. Student Mariam, who would not give her full name for fear of reprisals said: "I wanted to boycott the elections, as the parliament will have no power and because of what happened in Tahrir, but if we don't vote the Muslim Brotherhood will win the majority."

But there is growing support for the Muslim Brotherhood with many claiming the party is the best option to bring order to Egypt.

"The Freedom and Justice Party (Muslim Brotherhood) are the most organised party right now," said Hossam, 39, an insurance broker who went to a Catholic school in Cairo.

"They have a religious view but they are the only ones who have a good plan for the country." The outcome of the election will indicate whether Egypt will remain secular or move down an Islamic path as have other countries swept up in the Arab Spring....

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(H/T JihadWatch, who have their usual commentary)