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Monday, December 19, 2011

Polling Shows Barack Obama Is A Failure

By Susan Duclos

Polls are a snap shots of public opinion at the moment and dependent on top news of the day in which good news and bad news cause poll numbers to fluctuate up and down, but polls are an impressive tool that can be used to track patterns and the latest polling trends for Barack Obama from multiple polling organizations are indicative of a President floundering heading into the 2012 presidential election year.

Quick reminder of a recent CBS News poll where 54 percent of voters did not think Barack Obama deserved to be reelected in 2012 based on his job performance to date.

That was followed by a poll by AP/GfK, which showed 52 percent of Americans "said that President Obama should be voted out of office."

Today, The Hill released their polling numbers where "51 percent of polled voters said Obama was either a failure (37 percent) or not very successful (14 percent), while 48 percent said he was either very successful (16 percent) or somewhat successful (32 percent)."

With Republican trends showing that GOP supporters are more enthused than Democratic supporters by 61 percent to 41 percent according to USA TODAY/Gallup Swing States polling, and assuming the majority Republicans that will vote will back the Republican candidate and the majority of Democrats that intend to vote will vote for Barack Obama, that leaves Independents to play an important role in the 2012 elections.

The Hill poll shows 54 percent of independents think Obama's first-term performance has been unsuccessful with 18 percent saying it has not been very successful and 36 percent said it has been a failure.

The Obama experiment has failed.