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Friday, December 02, 2011

Kristallnacht In Highland Park

Not content to keep the violence to New York City (Brooklyn and Queens), anti-Semites have decided that the Jews of Highland Park, New Jersey must be the next victims on their list.
The central New Jersey community of Highland Park was targeted Tuesday night in a series of anti-Semitic attacks on at least five Jewish-owned establishments.

Vandals hurled bricks through the plate glass windows of a kosher restaurant, a kosher pizza shop, two Judaica stores, and a Jewish-owned hardware store.

At least three other Jewish-owned establishments in nearby New Brunswick were also similarly attacked, including the Rutgers Chabad House, the Rutgers Hillel and an Israeli-owned falafel eatery.

The destruction took place on the anniversary of the 1947 United Nations Partition Vote to create the Jewish State in Palestine.

A report published by the Algemeiner Journal quoted "Facebook rumors" relating two separate incidents in which a local individual made anti-Semitic remarks and threatened to launch a new Kristallnacht -- a reference to the 1938 "night of broken glass" pogrom that launched the Nazi Holocaust in Germany. However, it is not clear whether the two incidents were related, nor is it clear whether all the attacks were perpetrated by the same vandal or vandals.

The newspaper pointed out that Highland Park has recently elected an Orthodox Jewish man as its mayor.

Local police said in a statement detectives were "actively investigating these incidents and are in contact with and coordinating efforts with other law enforcement agencies that may be able to expedite the investigation."

However, police cautioned that it was "too soon to reach a conclusion" as to the nature of the crimes.

"We would also like to briefly address the fear that these are acts motivated by anti-Semitism or that these are bias crimes," the statement said. "The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office has been notified, but it is too soon to reach a conclusion.

“All of our officers are aware of the sensitivity of this situation and we will make every effort with patrols and surveillance to keep everyone safe. We would like to encourage you to communicate with your congregants and urge them to avoid speculation which could lead to unnecessary anxiety."

Where is the Mayor? Governor Christie, President Obama?  Why are they all silent on this?  Why is this not a hate crime.  Only Jewish businesses were targeted as this picture shows:  Hat Tip for the pictures to Elder of Ziyon

As you can notice, only Jewish businesses have been targeted.  Yet they are not considered Hate Crimes.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the only motive in common on these attacks is that they all are owned by Jews.  But then again according the the Obama Regime, Jews are not a protected minority.  It is open season on Jews in fact.

Once again Jews are targeted.  Once again Jews are told that these attacks are not important and just lay down and be kicked.  What will it take for the Jewish community to say enough is enough?  Will it take a death or two?  Or is Obama and his cronies allowing this to happen to appease his Muslim base?

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle