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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Harry Reid And Barack Obama Take America Hostage

By Susan Duclos

Headline might be snark but once again we see the "hostage" tag being used against a political party, this time used by Republicans against Democratic Senate majority leader, Harry Reid.

Not many have forgotten that Barack Obama in December of 2010 called GOP lawmakers "hostage takers" and throughout 2011, Democratic lawmakers continued to use the term "hostage" in every public budget, spending or tax battle.

Did anyone doubt the shoe would be put on the other foot and come back to bite Democrats in the butt?

Via The Hill:

With government funding due to run out Friday, McConnell said averting a government shutdown should be the first priority. He suggested Congress could revisit the payroll-tax debate later this month or early next year. The payroll-tax holiday is scheduled to expire Dec. 31.

“Let’s deal first with the deadline that happens this Friday, two days from now,” McConnell said. “Fund the government through the rest of the fiscal year and then turn immediately to the payroll-tax extension.”

McConnell has accused Reid of holding the omnibus spending bill, which Republicans want to pass, hostage to gain leverage in negotiations over the payroll-tax holiday.

According to Roll Call, quoted earlier here, Barack Obama and Harry Reid deliberately are delaying the vote on the "omnibus spending package because they worry that approving it would remove the incentive for House Republicans to stay in town and reach a compromise on the payroll tax cut extension."

Roll Call continues and yes, the word hostage is again used.

But in the process, they've made themselves vulnerable to the attack they've been using all year against Republicans: that they're holding the government hostage until they get what they want.

Back to the original Hill report:

Reid said the omnibus is not ready for a vote because there are unresolved issues related to Cuba travel, the Defense Department’s use of coal, new light bulb standards and funding for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

The problem with Reid denial is that other Democrats have said the bill was done and ready.

Even some Democrats were frustrated at the tactic.

"Our bill is done, and it should go to the president immediately," said Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), ranking member on Simpson's subcommittee. "We're not holding it up. ... I can't speak for Harry Reid. I can't speak for him. As far as I'm concerned, it should be done."


House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers said Democrats reneged on the deal at the eleventh hour.

"It's settled. The big four were ready [Monday] night to file the bill," the Kentucky Republican said, referring to the Democratic and Republican leaders of the Appropriations panels. "Then the word came that Sen. Reid had put a hold on our bill, that the Senate conferees would not sign the report."

Not only has Reid and Obama taken America hostage but Harry Reid has just been busted by a member of his own party in a huge lie to Americans about it.