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Monday, December 12, 2011

Video- Challenge Accepted: Huntsman Nails Romney On 10K Bet

By Susan Duclos

In the GOP Iowa debate where Mitt Romney attempted to wager $10,000 with Rick Perry, who declined the bet, over statements made in Romney's book about the individual mandate portion of health care he instituted in Massachusetts.

GOP presidential hopeful, Jon Huntsman, who immediately bought up the domain, says "Challenge Accepted."

Video below:

While Romney cannot decide whether to double down on his gaffe or back away from it, GOP rivals are labeling Romney as out-of-touch with every day Americans who would never think of wagering 10K even jokingly are imagining what that type of money could do to ease their economic suffering.

Other pundits think that while the wager itself was bone-headed it wasn't the amount that matters, what matters is that he tried to make the bet at all.

Via Business Insider:

What we don't want is someone who doesn't have the presence of mind on stage to avoid making such a bone-headed comment. If he doesn't recognize the insult he's making to the American people with such a flippant response during a debate, how can we trust that he won't do something as casually catastrophic when talking to Putin, Netanyahu, or Ahmadinejad.

We can't.

The very fact that Romney is still being asked about the 10K bet moment, the media is still reporting on rivals using it in their ads, their speeches and their interviews, and the multiple videos of the 10K moment have garnered millions of viewers, shows that it was a moment Romney should be regretting right about now.