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Friday, December 23, 2011

Videos- Obligatory Ron Paul Hate Filled Newsletters: Deja Vu

By Susan Duclos

In answer to the emails asking why I have completely ignored the Ron Paul Newsletter scandal, my answer is, been there, done that, in 2008.

I really don't have anything else to say about them but if you are one of those people that didn't hear all about them in 2008, there are plenty of people discussing it today again.

The New Republic: TNR Exclusive: A Collection of Ron Paul's Most Incendiary Newsletters

Discussions: The Daily Dish, Outside the Beltway and GOP 12

Reuters: In ad for newsletter, Ron Paul forecast “race war”

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Headlines and discussion via Memeorandum.

Watch Paul discuss his newsletters in 1995 via C-SPAN below:

December 21, 2011: Rep. Ron Paul Gets Irked By Newsletter Questions, Walks Out Of CNN Interview- Watch Below

There you go, your obligatory Ron Paul Newsletter piece for 2011.