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Monday, February 08, 2010

Vote for Sarah Today

The Guardian is running a poll about whether Sarah Palin could get elected President. She has been getting trashed both in votes and in the comments. I have been trying to get everybody to go vote and have succeeded in getting up it up 13 points from 23% but I need help. Here is what I have been posting on conservative sites:

The Guardian across the pond is running an online poll about whether Sarah could be elected President. Since the Guardian makes the New York Times seem to be a “conservative” paper, you can imagine what a beating Sarah is taking in both the votes and the comments. I posted a really snarky comment and voted yes. Why doesn’t everyone here do the same?

The percentage has gone up from 23 to 32 in one hour. Get more people to vote. There is another article in the same rag that is so condescending, it infuriated me. The remarks are even worse. See:

I was so mad, I had to comment as follows:

For all of you people who love to dump on Sarah Palin (and her family), I have but one reply: Let’s see you do it and then you can talk. Could you as a mother of five (four back then) raise the money to run against the incumbent governor of your own political party and win in a primary? Could you top that by then beating a Democrat previous governor in the general election? Could you then run up an 80% approval rating as governor? If you truly think a clueless, no talent beauty queen could accomplish this, you do not know the first thing about American politics. The odds of pulling something like that off are 1000 to 1.

Now some of you are going to disparage the voters of Alaska as being stupid nincompoops. Just remember that a lot of Canada has the same climate. Would you be willing to carry a baby you know has Down’s Syndrome to term (or want your wife to do it)? If you think you are so damn smart that you can make nasty comments about someone who has some real accomplishments in her resume unlike the American affirmative action President who really is clueless, let’s see you do its equivalent.