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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Who Voted to Deny You Freedom with no Consequences?

We pointed out in our last posting called Pity the Democrat Members of Congress that a lot of House Democrats are going to lose their seats. We also pointed out that the ones who were the most enthusiastic about things like Obama care did so at no pain to them since they are from safe seats. Yet Scott Brown won in Massachusetts where all ten members of Congress from that state voted for Obama care. Needless to say, they are all Democrats since only one Republican voted for that bill and he represents New Orleans. Analysis shows that none of these 10 Democrat congressmen from Massachusetts has anything to worry about in November even after Scott Brown got elected there by opposing Obama care and treating terrorists not only as a criminal but with all of the rights a U. S. citizen enjoys to boot.

Can we now be so sure of that in light of the election of Scott Brown? We have already projected that the Republicans will pick up 60 seats h
eld by Democrats which is double any other analyst is willing to project. How could there possibly be any more? The fact remains that there are 182 House seats where the Democrat incumbent voted for Obama care with most likely no unpleasant consequences like not getting re-elected. Since 219 Democrats voted for Obama care, there are only 37 who will likely pay the price for their foolishness. That means there are another 23 Democrats who voted against Obama care but will pay the price anyway for the 182 who will not. We have a map of those folks on our 2010 election outlook page.

Over 83% of the Democrats will not pay any price for voting to make you buy health insurance under penalty of fine or imprisonment if you do not. Forget about anything else having to do with the House care reform bill pro or con. 182 Democrats voted to force you to buy something with your own money supposedly for your own good whether you like it or not and they will get away with it with no consequences. Why in the world would you want to let them get away with that? To help you see whether you live in a district represented by one of these 182 freedom hating Democrats and one Republican, here is a map of them:

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