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Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Hugs Project needs your vote

Pepsi's not advertising for the Super Bowl this year, deciding instead to help nonprofits with that money and the public gets to decide where it goes. It will take you less than one min to register and then, literally 2 seconds per day to vote. Only cast one vote in the $50,000 category so that your vote's not watered down by voting for others in the same category. But, you can also vote for whatever your passion is: breast cancer, feeding homeless, etc. in the 5, 25 and 250 thousand races....

One such group is The Hugs Project and you can help us win $50,000 to continue sending packages to those in harm's way. You can vote one time each and every day by going to:

Our troops worked all day long for you, can you give them a minute in return?

Find out more about the awesome work The Hugs Project does, supporting our troops, here.

Thank you.