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Friday, February 12, 2010

House Democrats Frustrated With Obama, Angry At Senate

The Politico:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s increasingly public disagreements with President Barack Obama are a reflection of something deeper: the seething resentment some Democrats feel over what they see as cavalier treatment from a wounded White House.

For months, the California lawmaker has been pushing Obama hard in private while praising him in public. But now she’s being more open in her criticism, in part because she feels the White House was wrong — in the wake of the Democrats’ loss in Massachusetts — to push the Senate health care bill on the House when she knew there was no way it would pass.

Earlier this month, Pelosi criticized the president’s State of the Union call to exempt defense spending from a budget freeze. And in a White House meeting with leaders of both parties this week, she questioned the effectiveness of his plan to give small businesses tax breaks to hire workers.

“What you’re seeing now in public has been building in private,” said a top House Democratic official. “House members did their work — they did everything the president asked of them. And it gets stuck in the Senate. Or the Senate screws it up.”

Though Pelosi and other House Democrats have made it clear that they’re angry with the Senate, they’re also frustrated with the president, upset that he hasn’t come to terms with the problems of getting legislation through the upper chamber — or done enough to overcome them.

“He wants a jobs bill, we get a jobs bill,” the official said. “He wanted health care, we got health care. Then the answer is, ‘You just need to twist enough arms to pass the Senate bill.’ You can twist arms if you’ve got a handful of them to twist. You can’t twist over 100 arms. There needs to be some reality check there.”

“Both ends of the Capitol — the House and the Senate — are starting to wonder if they’re on their own,” the official continued. “You have a lot of frustration there. And the White House’s reaction to all of that seems to be, ‘Run against Congress’ — which, as you can imagine, doesn’t go over very well with House members. The White House reaction seems to be, ‘Position ourselves against Congress.’”

There is a reason the Democrats are at war with each other and that is because in the House the Democrats hold enough seats to just jam through any bill they want with Nancy Pelosi demanding they vote with party instead of voting as their constituents wish them to.

That is one reason that handicappers are predicting a more than usual turnover of seats in the House, come November.

The Senate does, as it has always done, they deliberate, the compromise because they have to, even with a majority.

Hell, they had 60 seats for months, enough to overcome any filibuster, yet they could not jam through Pelosi and Obama's agenda because of their own Democratic moderates that were not willing to commit political suicide and go against their constituents.

Perhaps the House should stop pointing fingers at the Senate and at Obama and start looking in the mirror for why it seems everyone is against them. Their own actions, their own methods and their own refusal to listen to the American people.

As the graph at the top of the page shows, according to Real Clear Politics averages from the latest polls, including CBS/NYTimes, ABC News/Wash Post, Fox News, Gallup, and Ipsos/McClatchy, 73.4 percent of Americans disapprove of the job congress is doing.

An overwhelming majority.

The kicker here, is the Fox News poll is the only one that doesn't have disapproval past 70 percent.