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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The High Cost of Voting for Obama Care

While Senate races are often polled, it is much harder to find polls for House Races. Still there are always some that are done for one reason or another. We have found nine that clearly illustrate the high cost to a House member who voted for the Pelosi version of health care in the House. All nine of these House members are in districts that are at risk for a Republican pick-up in November. Seven of them voted for the health care and two did not. This table makes it all clear:

District Incumbent Vote Polls
Indiana 9 Baron Hill Yes
Sodrel 49% Hill 41% SurveyUSA 1/17-19/10
Michigan 7 Mark Schauer Yes
Walberg 50% Schauer 40% National Research 1/11-12/10
Nevada 3 Dana Titus Yes
Heck 40% Titus 40% Mason Dixon 11/30-12/2/09
New Hampshire 1 Carol Shea-Porter Yes
Guinta 43% Shea-Porter 33% Univ. of NH 1/27-2/3/10
New Hampshire 2 Paul Hodes Yes
Ayotte 46% Hodes 39% Rasmussen Reports 2/10/10
North Dakota Earl Pomeroy III Yes
Berg 46% Pomeroy 40% Rasmussen Reports 2/9-10/10
Ohio 1 Steven Driehaus Yes
Chabot 56% Driehaus 39% SurveyUSA 1/12-14/10
North Carolina 8 Larry Kissell No
D'Annunzio 38% Kissell 54% Public Policy Polling 1/9-11/10
South Carolina John Spratt Jr No
Mulvaney 39% Spratt 46% Public Policy Polling 1/22-24/10

As you can see every Democrat who voted for the Pelosi health care bill is either losing or tied at best. On the other hand, both Democrats who voted against the bill are ahead. We don't know about you but to us this is a very powerful message. Voting for Obama care in any of its various forms is the kiss of death politically speaking. A yes vote was very costly already and that is before ads appear pointing out this vote in the worst possible light. There is still time for the Democrats in competitive districts to save themselves because the Democrat leadership is stuck on stupid and planning to put all of these Democrats on the spot with another health care vote and thereby seal their fate.

Far be it for us to give Democrat House members any advice but it comes down to voting for Obama care or getting re-elected because they are mutually exclusive. Still it would seem to us that voting against Obama care this time around would allow a Democrat to counter those very damaging ads by pointing out in their own counter ads their second vote on the subject and say that they listened to their constituents and changed their minds and their votes. Reps. Kissell and Spratt clearly are already benefiting from their no votes and it is apparently not too late for other Democrat House members to do the same.