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Saturday, February 06, 2010


Ah, winter! Global Warming thwarted for awhile yet.

Here, in my part of the world, about 8 inches of the white powdery substance fell. Then it snowed. :) I kinda like snow, the more it snows, the more Al Gore is proven to be the idiot he is.

The only thing I did not like about this storm, is the ice that preceded it. It knocked out my cable! <..> I'm glad I can watch FOX News on my PC! :D

I hear that DC got more than 20 inches. Good for them! Obama can create some more jobs, by hiring the kid with the shovel, to do the White House sidewalk to the Rosegarden. A man has to smoke. Which brings up another question...Does the President get cigarettes that are not FSC? (Fire Safe Cigarette) Cause if he doesn't, he is sure to get burns in his high dollar suit.

Yes, they do go out if left alone, but the fire will fall into your lap, even when you puff. Non-smokers are lost here....At's allright. Back to the snow...

The first place I shoveled out, was to my BBQ grill. I shall cook some Southern style BBQ Porksteaks, with deep fried corn on the cob, Texas toast, and a salad for health reasons. I smell pork coming from the direction of DC..any confirmation on that?

Now, if you do not like snow, you can always do, what they do in Germany when it snows.....Let it snow!

Update! Snowmageddon II!! More is coming Washington. Maybe another 20". But here in the Heartland. Just a simple 6" snowfall. Oh, with expected winds of up to 45 mph. But hey, it is winter, and Al Gore is a featured artist, at the Gloomy Awards tonight. HUAS, again. I'm just a blogger, here are the Pros...:)
And after the Super Bowl, and the start of NASCAR? I'm ready for some Warming, regular Earth style.