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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Female Biology Professor Charged With Killing Three At University Of Alabama After Being Denied Tenure

(Amy Bishop, via WAFF48NEWS, from


Three faculty members at the University of Alabama in Huntsville were shot to death, and three other people were seriously wounded at a biology faculty meeting on Friday afternoon, university officials said.

The biology Professor that allegedly shot and killed three other members of the faculty and seriously wounded three others, is Amy Bishop, a Harvard educated neuroscientist.

Reports indicate that she had applied tor tenure and was denied, appealed the decision and found out Friday that she was denied again.

An acquaintance told reporters that she had discussed her problems obtaining tenure and called it unfair and blamed specific colleagues. No idea if those she blamed were the ones she shot and wounded or killed.

Officials said the dead were all biology professors, G. K. Podila, the department’s chairman; Maria Ragland Davis; and Adriel D. Johnson Sr. Two other biology professors, Luis Rogelio Cruz-Vera and Joseph G. Leahy, as well as a professor’s assistant, Stephanie Monticciolo, are at Huntsville Hospital in conditions ranging from stable to critical.

According t WAFF48News, Bishop has been charged with capital murder.

Our thoughts and prayers to the victim's families and best wishes to those injured.