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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Never-ending Scandal: John Edwards and Friends

It's not quite the gift that keeps on giving--but it's close.

We're talking about the antics of John Edwards and his merry band of scandal-teers: Edwards, mistress Rielle Hunter, wife Elizabeth, and ex-aide, Andrew Young. In today's episode, John Edwards proposes to Rielle Hunter; Andrew Young is grilled by Hunter's lawyers about why he lied under oath as he turned in a sex tape; Young revealed that Elizabeth Edwards is threatening to sue him for alienation of affection; and, Edwards said that reports that he will wed the mother of his love child were "not true."

Of course, readers will remember that Edwards also answered reports that he was having an affair with Hunter with "not true." Additionally, when asked on national TV if he was the father of daughter, Frances Quinn Hunter, he answered "not true."

So, readers may draw their own conclusions about the validity of his latest "not true" claim.

For the complete story of today's events, as well as a series of updates, see John Edwards Scandal: Edwards Proposes to Rielle Hunter -UPDATED.

There's also observations on why a marriage to Rielle Hunter would immensely benefit Edwards, who may(likely?) be indicted by a continuing grand jury in North Carolina. It's not a TV soap opera.

But perhaps it should be.