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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Possible Military Dimensions of Iran’s Nuclear Program

The title of this post is the title of a report issued from the International Atomic Energy Agency which concludes that Iran has "sufficient information to be able to design and produce a workable" atom bomb.

The atomic agency’s report also presents evidence that beyond improving upon bomb-making information gathered from rogue nuclear experts around the world, Iran has done extensive research and testing on how to fashion the components of a weapon. It does not say how far that work has progressed.

The report, titled “Possible Military Dimensions of Iran’s Nuclear Program,” was produced in consultation with a range of nuclear weapons experts inside and outside the agency. It draws a picture of a complex program, run by Iran’s Ministry of Defense, “aimed at the development of a nuclear payload to be delivered using the Shahab 3 missile system,” Iran’s medium-range missile, which can strike the Middle East and parts of Europe. The program, according to the report, apparently began in early 2002.

If Iran is designing a warhead, that would represent only part of the complex process of making nuclear arms. Experts say Iran has already mastered the hardest part, enriching the uranium that can be used as nuclear fuel.

Years have been wasted as the useless UN has issued sanction after sanction with no teeth, barely slapping Iran's wrist because Russia and China refused to allow sanctions with teeth, while Iran has managed, as everyone knew they would, to obtain the information necessary to put a weapon of mass destruction into the crazy lunatic, Ahmadinejad's hands.

Then again, other news shows that Russian scientists may have helped Iran get this far.

Israel's prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has handed the Kremlin a list of Russian scientists believed by the Israelis to be helping Iran to develop a nuclear warhead. He is said to have delivered the list during a mysterious visit to Moscow.

Netanyahu flew to the Russian capital with Uzi Arad, his national security adviser, last month in a private jet.

His office claimed he was in Israel, visiting a secret military establishment at the time. It later emerged that he was holding talks with Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, and President Dmitry Medvedev.

“We have heard that Netanyahu came with a list and concrete evidence showing that Russians are helping the Iranians to develop a bomb,” said a source close to the Russian defence minister last week.

Feeling warm and fuzzy now?