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Friday, March 27, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party

Reader Skeezix requested mention about the April 15, 2009 Tax Day Tea Party, in where people have organized Tea Parties on over 300 cities.

The 44 second video below will explain more about these anti-tax protests.

Written by Eric Odom on March 26, 2009 – 7:11 am

On March first, Stacy Mott, Michael Leahy and myself had a conversation about our goals for the Tax Day Tea Party. The February 17th “Nationwide Chicago Tea Party” took place in about 40 cities, and the estimates show around 30,000 Americans took part in the protests. We collectively decided that our goal for Tax Day would be to organize in 41+ cities and see 30,001 citizens take part.

This goal has already been crushed as the latest tally of confirmed Tax Day Tea Parties is now 300 across every single state in the union. We have good intel that suggests we will have 10+ cities that exceed 5,000 in attendance, and when you add 290 more cities on top of this… well, you get the picture.

There is no doubt that the Tax Day Tea Party Protests will be very Historic in nature due to the high volume of simultaneous protests happening on April 15th. This is because of people like YOU, and this is a prime example of how true grassroots activism moves mountains.

This movement has grown past what was originally expected and provides everyday, ordinary citizens a non-violent way to protest what they see happening and to stand up and be counted, so to speak.

The media has taken notice of this movement as well, as evidence by the video above, and the Tea Party site linked above has multiple other media stories.

Head over to the Tea Party online HQ to find out how to become involved in your city/state.

Below is the Tea Party Anthem, Ridgefield, Connecticut, March 21, 2009 and called "Take Our Country Back."

Video above found at YouTube, here.

[Update] No sooner do I ht publish on this, I get an email regarding the Tea Parties.

The Tax Day Tea Parties, hosted by the DontGo Movement, Smart Girl Politics, and Top Conservatives on Twitter, are proud to announce there are presently over 300 Tea Parties planned with the numbers rising every day. The Tea Parties will take place on April 15th to protest the Obama Stimulus Plan and the government intrusion that comes along with it.

National Communications Director Juliana Johnson states, "These protests are truly making a difference. We are being heard, we have been silent for too long but we refuse to be silent anymore. If anyone is still unsure on whether to attend a Tea Party then realize that by not attending you are staying silent in a time when we need to be loud."

The Tax Day Tea Parties are expected to have a turnout of over 150,000 people across America. The co-hosts include: American Solutions, Michelle Malkin, Newt Gingrich, Institute for Liberty, ALG, ParcBench, Dana Loesch, and GOPUSA.

Please go to for more information on the Tea Parties.
Please go to for more information on the DontGo Movement.