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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alec Baldwin and Liberal Hypocrisy

This is your ridiculous item of the day, liberal hypocrisy from the Hollywood Elite. (H/T Dr. Helen)

How often have we heard liberals chanting how Bush's tax cuts for business was wrong, how businesses that employ the masses, pay them, keep them insured with healthcare, didn't deserve any tax breaks?

Isn't that their motto? Their creed? Their philosophy?

Not when it comes to the "business" of film making or television production...oh no, according to Alec Baldwin, that particular business deserves all the tax breaks they can get... and the kicker is why... because they employ people!

Wall Street Journal:

We're constantly told that taxes don't matter to business and investors, but listen to that noted supply-side economist, Alec Baldwin. The actor recently rebuked New York Governor David Paterson for threatening to try to help close the state's $7 billion budget deficit by canceling a 35% tax credit for films shot in the Big Apple.

"I'm telling you right now," Mr. Baldwin declared, "if these tax breaks are not reinstated into the budget, film production in this town is going to collapse, and television is going to collapse and it's all going to go to California." Well, well. Apparently taxes do matter, at least when it comes to filming "30 Rock" in Manhattan.

Believe it or not, Mr. Baldwin's views are shared across the movie industry, which is pleading in state capitals across the country for most-favored-tax status. Hollywood productions are highly mobile and can film just about anywhere. So they have taken to shopping around the country -- and the world -- for the most lucrative tax avoidance deal.

I guess in Mr. Baldwin's hypocritical mind, film and television isn't really a "business" or else they would surely turn down any "tax breaks", wouldn't they?


Gotta love liberal hypocrisy.

This has been your ridiculous item of the day, now back to regularly scheduled programming..................