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Monday, March 30, 2009

Government in the Auto Business Now?

There is some word about the General Motors chief resigning at the request of the White House as well as multiple other stories dealing with the Governments new business, the Auto Industry.

So, rather than break each one down for you folks, I am providing a linkfest today, linking all these reports for your reading.

Washington Post "GM Chief to Resign at White House's Behest."

McClatchy "Feds declare GM, Chrysler not viable, refuse more aid."

Washington Post's, The Fix "White House Cheat Sheet: Obama Plays Hardball on Autos."

The New Republic, "Obama's Speech on Detroit: What to Watch For."

ABC's Political Punch "President Obama Tells Automakers Their Viability Plans Are Lemons."

The Swamp "Why no GM treatment for Wall Street?"

The Politico "Obama to shake up GM, Chrysler."

Wall Street Journal "U.S. Sees Fiat Pact as Chrysler's Best Hope."

Reuters "UPDATE 1-US autos task force rejects GM, Chrysler plans."

Happy reading folks.